J Anthony Radio Show – Top 10 R&B Jams – Childish Gambino takes #1

The J Anthony Brown Radio Show…. As always J is giving you your dose of humor, all the funny and the countdown of the Top 10 Adult R&B songs in the country.

Hear the ‘Trending report with Tabitha’ @GiftofTab find out what’s trending in the world today.

Get the latest news during the Hotter Than A Mofo Report with the “Mommy Of The Show @LoveMyisha”

Catch one of your favorite segments including ‘This Came from That’ where J teaches you what hit songs sampled older songs to make a new radio hit…

Enjoy all that and ‘much’ more… She’s related to ‘and’ more and ‘much-much’ more… LOL…

And find out which artist stole BACK the #1 spot in the country!

Watch Out Deh Now!