J Anthony Brown Top 10 – I am Not A Moron, But…

The definition of a moron is… 

Artwork by: JAnthony Brown

 “I’m not a moron,” but…. 

  1. Kim Jong-Un is “Rocket-Man”
  2. Marco Rubio is “Little Marco”
  3. Hillary Clinton is “Crooked Hillary”
  4. Ted Cruz is “Lying Ted”
  5. John McCain is “Not a Hero”
  6. Elizabeth Warren is “Pocahontas”
  7. Barack Obama is “Not a U.S Citizen”
  8. NFL players who kneel during the national anthem are “Sons of Bitches”
  9. Mika & Joe are  “Crazy Joe Scarborough” and “Dumb as Rock Mika” Brzezinsk.
  10. KKK are nice people!  

-J.Anthony Brown “That’s What I Write, That’s What I Write!”