J Anthony Brown Top 10 – Gun Violence

J Anthony Brown’s Top 10 : Guns


  1. It’s not funny but the G.U.N. people got the G.O.P. people by the N.U.T.S  (Never Underestimate These Sons of Bitches).
  2. It’s not funny but getting shot at will change your attitude about guns.
  3. What’s the big surprise? It’s always a crazy white man.
  4. Note to the next crazy white person: Write a note, Kill yourself… Save everyone else.
  5. The GOP said now is not the time to talk about gun control. Maybe after the next time, it will be time to talk about it.
  6. It’s easier to get a gun in this country than it is to vote.
  7. It’s never the time to talk about racism, gun control, voting rights, and police brutality.
  8. I blame the White House for all that hate speaking, you’ve made America duck.
  9. He passed out paper towels in Puerto Rico, I’m surprised he didn’t pass out bullets in Vegas.
  10. I think Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State was right, Trump is a moron on gun control!

-J Anthony Brown “That’s What I Write, That’s What I Write!”