J Anthony Brown Top 10 – Lock ‘Em Up

You know, what we need to really watch out for all of these nice people. Cause its always a nice person.

  1. If you know somebody who looks out for the neighbors when their neighbors are out of town- Lock ‘em up.
  2. If they always speaking, “How You Doin?” “How’s your day?” – Don’t trust ‘em.
  3. Bake goods for the neighborhood – Don’t eat ‘em.
  4. First person at work with donuts – Throw them out.
  5. Volunteer to babysit your cat – Say no.
  6. Meals on Wheels – They’re suspect…
  7. They roll your trash cans back to your house – Call the cops.
  8. Always having parties at the house and you don’t have to bring nothing – Don’t go over there.
  9. Sunday School teachers, sing on the choir and drive the church bus – That ain’t nothing but the devil.
  10. Help old people cross the street – Lock ‘em up.

– J.Anthony Brown “That’s What I Write, That’s What I Write!”