J Anthony Brown Radio Show – Top 10 R&B Jams

J Anthony Brown Radio Show – Top R&B Jams

Enjoy your favorite R&B chart toppers as J Anthony Brown counts down the current Top 10 R&B Jams In the Country, enjoy the musical segment #WhiteJamsIlike, PLUS the fan favorite ‘This Came From That’ where he schools you on what Old School Jams your current favorite R&B hits came from!

PLUS J brings you news during the Hotter Than A Mofo Report reported by Producer Myisha Cayro @LoveMyisha and the #TrendingReport with his niece Tabitha @GiftOfTab.

Find out who’s on the R&B Charts & who’s got the #1 song in the country!!!

THIS WEEK: J talks ‘Def Comedy Jam’ Reunion And More!! #WatchOutDehNow

Affiliate Air Date: September 30, 2017